Welcome to The Campbell Lodge of Instruction

Welcome to the Campbell Lodge of Instruction. Formed in 1911, Campbell LoI meets under the sponsorship of Campbell Lodge No. 1415 which meets at Twickenham District Masonic Centre and is a Middlesex Lodge. The LoI however meets on Wednesdays at Freemasons’ Hall, Great Queen Street, London.

As well as being sponsored by Campbell Lodge, the LoI acts as Lodge of Instruction for three further supporting Lodges, namely Arcadian Lodge No. 2696, Empire Lodge No. 2108 and are now proudly supported by Tetragon Lodge No. 6302 since June of 2013 when Campbell lodge performed a memorable 3rd Degree on behalf of Tetragon Lodge. Each of the three lodges hold their Officers’ Nights on the Wednesday preceding their respective meetings. On that night, the work and offices of the lodges are given precedence over the usual programme of work. 

Campbell LoI is well supported by its lodges, however it also attracts members from other lodges. Some are attracted by the weekly meetings, some by the convenient location and some by the strong connection Campbell LoI enjoys with Emulation Lodge of Improvement.

Campbell is one of around 50 LoIs recognised by Emulation Lodge of Improvement and number 27 to be given its recognition. A number of brethren attend Campbell to rehearse before occupying the Chair at Emulation on a Friday night in their quest for a Silver Matchbox. Campbell also supports brethren working at the two annual Festivals of Emulation Lodge of Improvement, rehearsing the lecture sections and ritual in readiness for the February and June Festivals respectively. 

Campbell enjoys a diverse membership with many brethren attending who work in London, but find it difficult to get to their own LoIs outside London. Campbell welcomes brethren from all lodges.